Application Performance Monitoring

In large, complex and highly dynamic environments, some customers elect to have RedSky assume the administration and management of their E911 system.

Customers that have dozens of PBXs spread out through multiple regions of the USA with tens of thousands of phones, may prefer the security and cost model of using RedSky as the E911 administrator.

With Application Performance Monitoring (APM), RedSky personnel monitor your E911 system on a daily basis, verifying the complete uptime and accuracy of your system. RedSky has developed a 25-point check list of the daily, weekly and monthly monitoring and maintenance that we affect on your behalf.

From a cost perspective, APM compares quite favorably with in-house administration. You can add APM as a modest premium to your annual maintenance package. And, with APM, you can rest assured that your location records, you audit reports and your notifications are up-to-date and working flawlessly.

APM is sold as a monthly service with a minimum 6-month commitment. You can receive a quotation for APM by speaking with a RedSky services representative at the Customer Support Center by dialing (866) RST-2435 or by requesting a RedSky representative contact you at