E911 Anywhere®

E911 Anywhere® is a nationwide, cloud-based 9-1-1 call routing solution for distributed enterprises using IP and SIP telephony. Combine this service with E911 Manager® to provide fully automated, real-time E911 protection to all locations and mobile workers anywhere in the USA and Canada.

As enterprises flatten, consolidate and extend their voice network using IP and SIP, there are significant cost advantages to deploying a centralized, cloud-based, E911 service to route all 9-1-1 calls to the correct public safety answering point (PSAP). RedSky's E911 Anywhere® eliminates the cost of local 9-1-1 call trunking and local PS-ALI contracts while delivering a more robust service delivery model.  

Simplified, cost-effective 9-1-1 call management

With E911 Anywhere®, all 9-1-1 calls, from anywhere on the enterprise network, are sent to the E911 Anywhere® datacenter – no local 9-1-1 trunks, gateway connections or local LEC ALI databases are required.

Real-time location updates

When E911 Anywhere® is combined with E911 Manager® in the enterprise, you get real-time location updates to the cloud. There is no waiting for PS-ALI databases to cycle. Your people are protected as soon as their location changes. Even mobile softphone user locations are updated in real time.