E911 Manager®

E911 ManagerWhether deployed on a server in the datacenter or as a service via RedSky's managed private cloud, E911 Manager® reliably manages and automates every aspect of the E911 process, making it easy for administrators to stay on top of 9-1-1 emergency management.

E911 Manager® Version 6 is the most advanced E911 software application for today’s enterprise, built from the ground up to support virtual computing environments, SIP and Unified Communications. Version 6 leverages more than 12 years of E911 enterprise experience to create a platform of unprecedented scalability, resiliency and capability.

When E911 Manager® is installed in the enterprise, E911 management happens automatically, without having to be constantly monitored, saving valuable administration hours. Phone locations are tracked, systems are updated and administrators receive daily or hourly status updates and notifications via email or SMS.

A single E911 Manager® instance scales to support multiple call servers/PBXs in single platform and hybrid networks as well as tens of thousands of endpoints throughout the enterprise. E911 Manager® is built on a Java/Linux platform and is architected to meet the scalability, security and uptime requirements of modern enterprise applications. E911 Manager® makes extensive use of Web services and can be administered from any browser-based PC on the network. A full suite of reports, alert notifications and scheduled tasks provide easy, automated administration to support the entire enterprise.