Location Audits

The success of your E911 project relies on your location strategy and the accuracy of your location data

It is critical to the success of your E911 project to create and maintain an accurate location database according to your overall location strategy. RedSky is an expert at quickly determining the best location strategy and nomenclature for your network plus offers the professional services to quickly create your location database. With hundreds of customers implemented, RedSky has experience with virtually every type of network configuration and physical layout.

RedSky offers two types of location audit services.

Location Audit Service for Phones

If you have thousands of digital and analog phones across dozens of buildings and locations and do not have locations established for these phones, you should consider this professional service. RedSky trained personnel will sit down with your voice team and review your goals and objectives for your network, establish an appropriate location nomenclature for your enterprise, establish a location for every building, and then establish a location for each phone in your enterprise by physically walking and auditing all phones. When this process is complete, you will have an accurate location database suitable for importing into E911 Manager® or the E911 Anywhere® service.

Location Audit Service for Layer 2 Ports

The Location Audit Service for Layer 2 Ports is for those end users that have adopted SIP or IP telephony and want location data down to the desktop. This audit service establishes a location for every port on your layer 2 voice network. RedSky technicians build this location database by performing a physical audit of your network. This database is uploaded into E911 Manager® or the E911 Anywhere® service and once completed, your phones will be able to plug into any port on a Layer 2 switch and their location discovered by E911 Manager® using an SNMP query of the Layer 2 switch.