E911 Technology Standards


The Alliance for Telecommunications Solutions (ATIS) is a United States-based body that is committed to rapidly developing and promoting technical and operations standards for the communications and related information technologies industry worldwide using a pragmatic, flexible and open approach. Over 1,100 industry professionals from more than 350 communications companies actively participate in ATIS’ 22 industry committees and incubator solutions programs. ATIS develops standards and solutions addressing a wide range of industry issues in a manner that allocates and coordinates industry resources and produces the greatest return for communications companies. ATIS is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The ATIS Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF) is the primary venue for the telecommunications industry, public safety and other stakeholders to generate and refine both technical and operational interconnection issues to ensure life-saving E9-1-1 services are available for everyone in all situations. ESIF enables many different telecommunications entities to fully cooperate and interconnect with each other to determine the best practices and solutions necessary to effectively and promptly deploy E9-1-1 services nationwide. ESIF's mission is to provide a forum to facilitate the identification and resolution of both technical and operational issues related to the interconnection of wireline, wireless, cable, satellites, and Internet networks and emergency services networks. RedSky is an active member of ATIS/ESIF, especially its Next Generation Emergency Services (NGES) Working Group.

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