E911 On-Demand Webinars

RedSky E911 on-demand webinars offer a range of insight and information on E911 legislation, liability, solutions and implementation best practices. Click on a topic to see an expanded description and view.

E911 for the Enterprise: E911 Manager Version 6.4
Kevin Sallmen, Director of Product Management for RedSky, reviews the new Customer Forum and Customer Portal. He also provides an overview of RedSky's upcoming software Version 6 for E911 Manager and E911 Anywhere.
E911 as a Service: The Game Has Changed (July 2013)
As enterprise networks converge utilizing IP-based platforms, a cloud-based approach to E911 has significant cost advantages over traditional PS-ALI E911. RedSky's E911 Anywhere® accepts and routes 9-1-1 calls to any PSAP in the USA and Canada over IP, SIP or PSTN trunking. This consolidated approach not only eliminates the cost of local 9-1-1 call trunking, but also the time and expense of setting up PS-ALI contracts with Local Exchange Carriers.
E911? Done. A real-world approach to assessing E911 risk and developing an E911 strategy
Samantha Kane, E911 expert from Kane-Mackay, and moderator Martha Sexauer discuss a real-world approach to determining E911 risk and developing an E911 strategy for your organization. Watch and come away with a much clearer understanding of what you and your team can do to prepare, organize and deliver an appropriate plan of action.
Managing Your E911 Risk and Liability
This webinar focuses on current E911-related federal and state regulations and explores how to reduce corporate risk and liability. The guest speaker is Martha Buyer, an attorney who heads a practice focused on telecom law with special emphasis on both regulatory matters and contract negotiation. Ms. Buyer is a frequent author, speaker, legal columnist and commentator on telecom issues.
5 Key Steps to Successful E911 Implementation
What you do before and after an E911 implementation often has more to do with the overall success of the project than what the team does during the actual implementation phase. This webinar will deliver real-world insight into how best to navigate the 5 key steps to successful E911 implementations including Securing Internal Support, Planning / Design Considerations, Implementation, Testing and Validation, and Education and Communication. Paula Graller led successful E911 implementations for W.W. Grainger, Chicago's Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (McCormick Place Convention Center and Navy Pier), and for a major law firm before joining RedSky as a regional sales director.
E911 Implementation Case: Fairfax County (VA) Government
Hear first-hand the planning, budgeting and implementation insights gained by someone who has led complex, multi-building E911 projects. Jerome Craig is a senior telecommunications engineer for the Fairfax, VA County Government. As the project lead for Fairfax County's enterprise-wide E911 implementation, he was integrally involved in planning, vendor selection and implementation and his insights are practical and actionable for your enterprise. Mr. Craig was joined by Martha Sexauer of RedSky to discuss why E911 is so crucial in a multi-building enterprise and how Fairfax County made it happen. An overview of E911 solutions for the enterprise also was on the agenda.
Massachusetts E911 Legislation and Compliance Webinar
Massachusetts businesses, government agencies, education and nonprofit organizations must now comply with new E911 legislation that took effect July 1, 2009. Learn what this new law requires and the steps you must take to comply. George Fosque, Director of the Cambridge Emergency Communications Department, helped draft the new E911 legislation and 560 CMR 4.00 regulations as a member of the state 911 Commission. He also is on the Regulatory and Legislative Committee for the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). As one of two people responsible for implementation of the City of Cambridge's new IP-based PBX, he has direct experience with E911 solutions that comply with the new regulations.
E911 for Colleges, Universities and Large School Districts
Whether you're responsible for a multi-building campus or an entire school district, a unified E911 and emergency notification approach speeds response time and keeps administration informed when emergencies occur. Learn how one of the largest school districts in the country approaches this critical communication issue in this free, 60-minute webinar. Presenters: Helen Hironimus, is a voice and data communications professional with 25 years' experience at the Palm Beach County (FL) School District. She has been integrally involved with the district's IP Conversion Project and is responsible for leading the implementation of the District's new E911 and emergency notification systems. Palm Beach County School District is one of the largest in the country, serving 170,000 students in 186 schools. Ken Rosko, RedSky's Director of Business Development for Major Channels, specializes in helping organizations and business partners make intelligent decisions about E911 location information solutions.
E911 Webinar: Learn How George Washington University Uses E911 to Protect its Campuses
Providing students, faculty, staff and visitors with the same E911 protection they have at home is a critical safety and risk management issue for colleges and universities. Learn how George Washington University implemented E911 across its multiple campus network in this 60-minute webinar. Presenters: Hope Singleton, has 30+ years of telecommunications experience including 8 years as Manager of Voice Communications at GWU. Alicea Grau, RedSky’s Regional Director of Sales, specializes in helping organizations and business partners make intelligent decisions about E911 location information solutions.
E911 Webinar: Building Support for your E911 Project
Building support inside your organization for an E911 implementation is an important task best handled before the project begins. Learn how the project team at The George Washington University built the support that enabled a successful E911 implementation during this 30-minute webinar.
E911 Anywhere® -- Consolidate 9-1-1 Call Routing and Save
Find out how organizations with multiple locations can reduce their telecom budget by thousands of dollars by eliminating PS/ALI contracts and consolidating E911 location information and 9-1-1 call routing.