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Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, the largest cooperative in the United States, used RedSky’s national 9-1-1 call routing solution, E911 Anywhere®, to provide E911 protection for remote substations. PEC saved thousands in reduced local trunking with IP deployment.

The Schwan Food Company

The Schwan Food Company chose to implement a comprehensive E911 solution from RedSky that included E911 Manager® for automated location tracking and updating, Emergency On-Site Notification for real-time 9-1-1 call alerts, and E911 Anywhere® to protect the company’s manufacturing sites.

Snohomish County PUD

The utility company was looking to upgrade the patchwork, legacy Nortel network that connected the company’s 1,000 endpoints and created a long-term strategic vision to guide the implementation of a more automated, holistic infrastructure that would deliver strategic benefits including reduced total costs, streamlined maintenance and compliance with the state E911 regulations.

Large Transportation Company

One of the largest transportation carriers in the world wanted an integrated solution for their Cisco environment nationwide and they wanted a fully managed solution. Read more about RedSky’s Application Performance Monitoring.

Commercial Imaging Company

This company wanted an E911 solution that could accommodate their very large U.S. campus environment, provide 9-1-1 call alerting, and one that would accommodate their migration from a hybrid Avaya/Cisco environment to pure Cisco.

Large Manufacturer

Domestically, the company uses Microsoft Lync® for Unified Communications and specifically Lync® softphones for voice communications over a Cisco network using SIP trunking. For E911 protection, the company had been required to pay for each device on the system from their E911 provider, and, in opening a new location in Louisiana, was told that the E911 support would not be available at the new location. 

Large Insurance Provider

This company is one of the largest and most well-known insurance providers in the world and over 30,000 phones were already protected with E911 solutions from RedSky. As the company began moving toward a fully IP environment, they explored technology strategies for tracking the location of IP phones for their office workers, mobile workforce and call center agents.  

Private Research University

A private research university in New England needed E911 protection that would cover over 100,000 end points and integrate with their Aruba data switches. RedSky’s E911 Manager and WiFi E911 provided an integrated solution for wired and wireless.

Large University

When a large Midwestern public research university wanted to push the edge of enterprise mobile voice technology without sacrificing E911 protection, they turned to RedSky.

The School District of Palm Beach County

On May 26, 2000, a student fatally shot a teacher on one of the middle school campuses. This incident prompted the district to evaluate their overall emergency response plan. Palm Beach School District (PBSD) knew they needed to be able to provide more detailed and timely location information of emergencies. Avaya introduced PBSD to RedSky, offering E911 as a way to increase security and emergency response within the district.

Regional Bank

A leading regional bank with more than 700 branches decided to make the move to enterprise SIP trunking. They wanted to make sure their Cisco Voice network was still capable of accurately routing 9-1-1 calls across the entire enterprise. They also wanted to leverage the efficiencies of SIP to route emergency calls more cost effectively and eliminate the multiple PS-ALI accounts required under their old network configuration.

Large Financial Services Firm

A large nationwide diversified financial services firm looked to their telecommunication’s partner for E911 solutions for their migration to softphone use. The firm currently has one CUCM v8.6 cluster, which resides in two data centers and no Cisco ER. The solution needed to support 7 locations nationwide, with over 1000 endpoints.

Large Financial Institution

As part of a mission of corporate responsibility and risk mitigation, the firm sought an E911 solution that would integrate with their Avaya and Cisco platforms using one common platform. Additionally, they wanted a solution that would allow them to consolidate their multiple PS-ALI accounts around the country and provide support to remote branches and teleworkers.

Fairfax County

When Fairfax County (VA) wanted to provide county-wide automated E911 and emergency notification to protect 13,000 employees across 107 locations, they looked for a single E911 application certified to work with Avaya Communication Manager that would deliver a fully automated, county-wide E911 solution. They found what they were looking for in RedSky's E911 Manager®.

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The FAA's Alaskan Region wanted an E911 solution capable of automatically tracking every phone and device on the enterprise network and updating ALI databases so emergency call-takers would know where to send help in response to a 9-1-1 call. They selected RedSky's E911 Manager® and E911 Anywhere®.

Space Exploration

This large federal agency wanted a seamless migration to their new pure Cisco platform, one that was scalable and would support remote softphones and WiFi on their 8 Cisco clusters and 100,000 endpoints.

Large Federal Agency

RedSky’s Emergency On-Site Notification (EON), combined with E911 Manager®, integrated seamlessly with the agency’s Avaya Communication Manager call server to immediately put the detailed location information of 9-1-1 callers into the hands of security and administrative personnel.

State Government

The state was migrating toward a new statewide Unified Communications system and wanted E911 as part of their overall mission to protect employees, enhance emergency response and position themselves for NG9-1-1.

National Guard Military Base

An Army National Guard unit was looking to reduce telecom expenses by eliminating the many local trunks and gateways necessary to route 9-1-1 calls from their units scattered across the state to the emergency call takers who dispatch help when needed. Deploying RedSky’s E911 Anywhere is helping this guard base save thousands a month.

Military Base

This base within one of the country’s largest military installations needed a more effective way to manage location information and moves, adds, and changes.  They also needed a way to validate the accuracy of the location information. Learn how RedSky’s E911 Manager®, combined with Emergency On-Site Notification (EON), provided an integrated solution.

National Health Support Provider

A national leading provider of health support solutions, addresses corporate directive to provide enterprise-wide E911 protection; chooses E911 Manager® for automated, integrated location tracking for distributed IP network.

Regional Medical Center

This 99-bed acute care facility was looking to replace its G3SI digital switch and migrate to VoIP. As part of the migration, they wanted to introduce E911 and emergency notification. The National Account Manager felt that “RedSky was the best choice to address the E911 and emergency notification requirement.”

Large Medical Center

RedSky’s Emergency On-Site Notification, an optional module on E911 Manager®, will integrate seamlessly with the center’s new Openscape Version 7 call server to immediately provide the detailed location information of 9-1-1 callers into the hands of security and administrative personnel.