E911 as a Service

E911 is now available as a cloud-based service bringing many advantages to distributed enterprises and SMBs.

A cloud-based E911 service is the perfect answer for large enterprises, with dozens or hundreds of locations, that are consolidating their voice platforms into datacenters and connecting all locations via SIP. An E911 service is also the perfect solution for the small to mid-sized business looking for cost effective E911 protection in an annual service contract with no software or servers to install. Cloud-based E911 can be very cost competitive compared to traditional PS-ALI E911 with a one-time service initiation fee and an annual service contract based on the number of phones. And service can be initiated in as little as 48 hours.

E911 Anywhere®

National 9-1-1 Call Routing for the IP-enabled Enterprise

RedSky's E911 Anywhere® can accept and route a 9-1-1 call to any PSAP in the USA and Canada, eliminating the need for costly local 9-1-1 trunking and multiple PS-ALI contracts with Local Exchange Carriers. The E911 Anywhere® is perfect for large, distributed organizations with dozens or hundreds of locations throughout the country that have adopted IP and SIP telephony across a robust WAN. E911 Anywhere® is also perfect for SMB enterprises that need a simple E911 solution to meet compliance and provide E911 protection.

E911 Anywhere® can be used in two ways. For large distributed enterprises,  E911 Manager® can integrate with E911 Anywhere® to send location records to E911 Anywhere® for validation and storage. All 9-1-1 calls are sent by the PBX/call server to E911 Anywhere® for connection to the right PSAP. 

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Low Cost, High Performance E911 for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

E911 Anywhere® can also be used as a purely hosted service. A telecom adminstrator can login to the E911 Anywhere® Web portal and manage location records directly in the hosted application. All 9-1-1 calls are sent to the service and routed based on their location record. There is no customer premise software or hardware required.

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