E911 Solutions for Softphones

More enterprises are adopting softphones for their employees because of the inherent advantages of cost, mobility and features.

Softphones mean mobility. A softphone user can be inside the enterprise in the morning, at home in the afternoon and across the country in the evening. Providing E911 to a softphone user that is connected to the enterprise voice network is critical. RedSky's MyE911® seamlessly interfaces with any softphone to provide E911 protection for nomadic softphone users anywhere in the United States.

MyE911® is client software that is supported by RedSky's award-winning E911 Manager® application and our E911 Anywhere® service. MyE911® validates new user locations in seconds allowing enterprises to provide complete 911 protection to their employees, whether they are within or outside the corporate network.  Read more about MyE911®.

E911 Manager®

Total E911 Protection for Every Phone on your Network

RedSky's E911 Manager® is the first choice of medium and large enterprises to automatically manage 911 location tracking. E911 Manager® integrates with the enterprise voice platform to automatically track and manage location information for digital, IP and SIP phones. Read more about E911 Manager®.