E911 Solutions for WiFi

The mobility trend continues as many enterprises are now adopting mobile voice handsets running over WiFi networks from leading providers such as Cisco.

Mobile phone users on WiFi networks can be anywhere on the network. If they dial 9-1-1, enterprises need accurate location information for emergency responders.

WiFi E911® is a software feature on RedSky's award-winning E911 Manager® platform that works seamlessly with enterprise WiFi networks to track the location of WiFi phones in real time and provide routing instructions to the call server when a 9-1-1 call is made.

E911 Manager®

Total E911 Protection for Every Phone on your Network

RedSky's E911 Manager® is the first choice of medium and large enterprises to automatically manage 911 location tracking. E911 Manager® integrates with the enterprise voice platform to automatically track and manage location information for digital, IP and SIP phones. Read more about E911 Manager®.