E911 Solutions for Financial Services

RedSky's E911 Manager® provides life-saving protection for thousands of financial services professionals in our largest banks and insurance companies throughout the nation.

RedSky E911 solutions meet the challenge of financial services companies which may occupy multi-story high-rise buildings and include hundreds or thousands of branches distributed over a geographic area.  It is key that the accurate location of a 9-1-1 caller is delivered to emergency responders who are often the hospital public safety department. That's why financial services companies across the country rely on RedSky solutions to manage the complexity and provide effective, reliable E911 protection.

E911 Manager®

Total E911 Reliability and Automation for Digital, IP and WiFi Phones

RedSky's E911 Manager® is the first choice for financial services companies to automatically manage E9-1-1 services for their entire organization. E911 Manager® is a software application that integrates with the enterprise voice communications system to automatically track and manage location information for analog, digital and  IP phones.  Financial Service companies with in-house security teams can respond 2-3 minutes faster on average by using E911 Manager® with EON (Emergency On-Site Notification) to alert on-site security and emergency response teams the moment a 9-1-1 call is placed.  As more financial services companies deploy robust WiFi networks, E911 Manager® can track the location of voice clients on the WiFi network. Read more about E911 Manager®.

E911 Anywhere®

Cloud-based 9-1-1 Call Routing for the Distributed, Mobile Enterprise

Many Financial Services organizations span many locations throughout one or more States. For those Financial Services companies that have adopted IP telephony across a robust WAN, E911 Anywhere® can accept and route a 9-1-1 call to any PSAP in the USA and Canada, eliminating the need for costly local 9-1-1 call trunking and multiple PS-ALI contracts with Local Exchange Carriers. E911 Anywhere® is perfect for large, distributed organizations with dozens or hundreds of locations connected over the WAN using VoIP. Read more about E911 Anywhere®.