Government & Military E911 Solutions

RedSky's E911 solutions provide life-saving protection for the millions of Americans who work in, or visit, our government and military facilities each day.

Seconds count in an emergency. Most government and military facilities are complex environments with many buildings and thousands of offices and phones. Finding people during an emergency in these environments is difficult. That's a key reason Secretary Gates, in the aftermath of the Ft. Hood tragedy, has directed all Department of Defense facilities to develop and implement a policy to address E911.

Government agencies at the municipal, county, state and federal level rely on RedSky solutions to deliver emergency responders the precise location information they need to reach 9-1-1 callers quickly. Many of these organizations also have on-site emergency responders who can respond 2-3 minutes faster by using E911 Manager® with EON (Emergency On-Site Notification) to alert security teams the moment a 9-1-1 call is placed.

E911 Manager®

Total E911 Reliability and Automation for Digital, IP and SIP Phones

RedSky's E911 Manager® is the first choice for government agencies and military services to automatically manage enhanced 9-1-1 for their entire organization. E911 Manager® is the only E911 software application that is certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Center (JITC) to meet the security and voice network interoperability requirements of DoD installations.  E911 Manager® integrates with the enterprise voice communications system to automatically track and manage location information for digital, IP and SIP phones. Read More about E911 Manager®.

E911 Manager® ALI-DB

Improved E911 Location Management for Bases that take their own 9-1-1 calls

For those military bases and government agencies that take and respond to their own 9-1-1 calls, E911 Manager® ALI-DB helps streamline location management and location delivery to emergency responders. E911 Manager® ALI-DB is a high performance database that is used as the central, trusted, location database for the entire base or agency. E911 Manager® ALI-DB integrates with your on-base PSAP workstations and serves up ALI records when queried by the PSAP workstation. E911 Manager® ALI-DB can also integrate with your on-base TMS system, importing records from TMS after a Move, Add or Change process. Read more about E911 Manager® ALI-DB.

E911 Anywhere®

National 9-1-1 Call Routing for the Distributed, Mobile Enterprise

For government and military customers who have adopted IP telephony across a robust WAN, E911 Anywhere® , a cloud-based 9-1-1 call routing service, might be the answer. E911 Anywhere® can accept and route a 9-1-1 call to any PSAP in the USA and Canada, eliminating the need for costly local 9-1-1 call trunking and multiple PS-ALI contracts with Local Exchange Carriers. E911 Anywhere® is the perfect solution to support teleworkers, remote locations and mobile workers as well as for large, distributed organizations with dozens or hundreds of locations connected over the WAN using VoIP. Read more about E911 Anywhere®.