NG9-1-1 Solutions

Introducing the RedSky Horizon® family of network solutions.

RedSky has leveraged more than 15 years of enterprise E911 leadership, including active participation in the i3 standards development process, to create the Horizon family of network solutions to help public safety, government and military customers quickly and cost effectively adopt i3 standards and embrace NG9-1-1.

RedSky Horizon® Location Information Server (LIS)

The key NG9-1-1 network element for receiving, storing and delivering the location data of any device used to dial 9-1-1 during an emergency. This universal location service is designed to fill the void left by the transition from the legacy ILEC-based 9-1-1 system to the i3 NENA Specification environment. The RedSky Horizon® LIS is unique in its ability to handle both fixed and dynamic location data.

RedSky Horizon® Emergency Services Routing Proxy (ESRP)

The rules engine for PSAPs that determines whether calls are accpeted or passed on to the next routing hop within the ESInet based on availability and predetermined rules set by the participating PSAPS.

RedSky Horizon® Public Safety Geospatial Information System for Management & Operations (PSGISMO)

PSGISMO is designed for Public Safety users who are now responsible for boundary and MSAG management. This open source based solution is tailored to the ESInet manager that uses GIS data from an authoritative source and MSAG data from the legacy 9-1-1 service provider. This tool was built to transition a 9-1-1 system from the legacy tabular environment to the geospatial data set to be used for location validation and routing decisions. PSGISMO is the master data source for our ECRF and LVF elements, keeping redundant nodes in sync.

RedSky Horizon® RedSky Load Balancer (RLB)

Every Horizon element is equipped with our software application that ensures the delivery of requests and responses in the Horizon based ESInet. Instead of depending on a single thread hardware based load balancer to achieve redundancy, RedSky developed software tools that are integrated into the functional element and support the health reporting into our ViewPointe application.

RedSky Horizon® Emergency Call Routing Function Server (ECRF)

Determines the correct PSAP an emergency call should be routed to based on the caller’s location. The ECRF also works with the ESRP to route emergency calls in accordance with predetermined rules based on PSAP availability.

RedSky Horizon® Location Validation Function (LVF)

Ensures the GIS locations encoded from fixed telephone systems, ILEC database management systems and mobile device communicators are valid. The RedSky Horizon® LVF is constantly working in the background to ensure civic locations and coordinates are valid, flagging those that are not for correction.

RedSky Horizon® Legacy Selective Router Gateway (LNG)

The on-ramp for emergency calls from the PSTN from SS7, CAMA, PRI and SIP trunks, translating legacy signaling from SIP-based signals that can be routed over your secure, private IP networks for handling by the appropriate emergency entity.

RedSky Horizon® Legacy PSAP Gateway (LPG)

Translates IP calls into traditional CAMA signaling, making it possible for PSAPs to gain the benefits of IP-based networks without upgrading CPE. Location data is received in the PIDF-LO and is formatted as a response to a traditional ALI query. SIP messaging is used to initiate conference calls and transfer calls, both on and off the ESInet.