Location Information Server

The patented RedSky Horizon® Location Information Server (LIS) is the key NG9-1-1 network element for receiving, storing and delivering the location data of any device used to dial 9-1-1 during an emergency.

The RedSky Horizon® Location Information Server is a universal location service is designed to fill the void left by the transition from the legacy ILEC-based 9-1-1 system to the i3 NENA Specification environment.

How it Works

Every service provider needs an automated mechanism to provide moves, adds and changes to a PSAP’s location database. The RedSky Horizon® LIS delivers NENA-standard data formats to PSAPs for fixed device service orders and obtains and delivers real-time dynamic location data for devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and enterprise WiFi phones.

Fixed Location Data

The RedSky Horizon® LIS supports NENA 2.1 and NENA 4 Service Order inputs as well as location data from other location managers including RedSky's E911 Manager® from service providers to begin the validation process, report SOI errors, store valid location data, create XML-based location objects (PIDF-LO), and respond to queries as emergency calls enter the ESInet.

Dynamic Location Data 

The RedSky Horizon® LIS also supports NENA’s E2 interface over IP to communicate with legacy elements to determine the location of network-connected devices. For example, the LIS determines the location of mobile phones by querying MPCs and GMLCs to get the pANI and the X, Y coordinate data of the caller.