Location Determination Difficulties


Severed Service Exposes Gap in Emergency Preparedness

New year. New budget. New communication system? If you are planning any changes to your communications system this upcoming year, chances are the vast majority of your migration will occur after Feb 16, 2020.  


Starting a new year can be daunting. All those projects waiting to be started. How to fit them all in, how to budget appropriately?

One project for 2020 is now mandatory – E911. The FCC has mandated that all devices in an organization, whether fixed or mobile, need to provide a “dispatchable location” for when someone dials 9-1-1. Additionally, notifications need to be sent to your security or persons responsible for emergencies.

Problem: Need to Maintain E911 through System Migration 

RedSky Makes E911 Easy...

Today, we released the latest version of our flagship product E911 Manager®️, and our routing solution E911 Anywhere®️. This 6.11.3 release, provides security updates, resolves specified defects, as well as allows for integration with latest iOS and Android devices.

More and more businesses are migrating to a cloud-based communications system, enabling their workforce to connect from anywhere.  Decentralizing operations has the benefit of reducing cost in office space, allowing employees more flexibility, and allowing anytime/anywhere company-wide collaboration.  However, when we disp