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A Guide To E911 for Your Enterprise

When our current customers came to us, they were concerned that starting an E911 project would be too much.  Too costly. Too time consuming. Too demanding. We listened to them, and we agreed. Before coming to us, our customers were frustrated with running into roadblocks for a solution they needed, but was being overly complicated by other vendors. 


At RedSky, we believe the road to E911 should be easy.  Let us tackle all aspects of E911, from ease of purchase to ease of implementation, so all your energy is spent on your core operations.  


Concerned about breaking your budget?  We integrate with your existing communication system, no need for expensive system upgrades.  We work with Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft Skype for Business, Unify, and various other vendors. You can purchase easily through multiple avenues, including Cisco’s GPL.  Additionally, we don’t force your business to fit our specified purchasing model. We cater to how you need to deploy your enterprise, whether by user or location.


In the process of migrating to the cloud?  We work with hybrid deployments to seamlessly transition you to a more mobile work environment.  Our solutions cover everything from fully on-premise, to hybrid, to fully cloud-based deployments.  Regardless of where you are in your path to the cloud, we will protect you. We will also future-proof your company, so when you do arrive at a fully cloud-based operation, you will already have a compliant E911 solution in place that covers the entirety of your mobile enterprise.


Worried about implementation?  We have a 24 hour support staff to aid you through every step of the process and have you up and running in as little as 48 hours.   


Also, the FCC has recently enacted federal legislation that requires all businesses nationwide to implement an E911 solution.  With deadlines approaching, RedSky can keep your company compliant quickly and painlessly.  


Not sure where to begin? Provide us with an overview of your environment using our QuickStart Guide to E911.  We will begin building you a unique solution in minutes.  Our team will then contact you with timelines, a realistic budget, and answer any further questions you may have on your implementation.  


That is how RedSky Makes E911 Easy!