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E911 Compliance for Your Cloud Environment

New FCC Legislation has been adopted that impacts your company’s communication systems.  If you are migrating to a new system, such as Cisco Webex Calling, now is the time to implement an E911 solution that will not only keep your company compliant with current laws, but future-proof your company against ANY upcoming E911 legislation.  


Many of our customers were wary about deploying E911 for their enterprise, especially in the midst of a migration.  There was already so much on their plate, and they thought E911 would be an added stressor - too costly, too time consuming, and too demanding.  However, we showed them path to compliance does not need to be a difficult one.  


We specifically get involved with enterprises in the midst of migrations to ensure there are no gaps in emergency coverage or compliance during a move.  


RedSky complies with Kari’s Law

Kari’s Law requires your company’s communication system to be able to directly dial 9-1-1 without any prefixes, and also provide notification to the appropriate personnel that a 911 call has occurred.  RedSky’s Emergency Onsite Notification (EON) solution provides enhanced notification to any designated security and/or administrative personnel. When any 911 call is in progress, those designates will be notified in real-time with an SMS, email, or screen-pops with alarm. 


RedSky complies with Ray Baum’s Act

The Ray Baum’s Act requires your company to automatically provide a “dispatchable location” to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  According to these new laws, the PSAP must receive detailed enough location information to ensure first responders can most efficiently find the caller.  RedSky’s Horizon Mobility® tracks users as they move on and off campus, and provides the PSAP with an exact “dispatchable location” of all 911 calls no matter where employees are located. 


If you are migrating to Cisco Webex Calling, or another cloud-based system, let RedSky help to provide you with future-proof E911 compliance.  If you have questions about E911 for your enterprise, contact us here.