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E911 for Your Hybrid Enterprise

Many tech companies will have you believe that if you haven’t migrated to a fully cloud-based environment, then you are behind the times.  While cloud-based communications will eventually take precedence, for most the road to get there isn’t so direct.  


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Jumping right into a cloud-based communication system can be complicated by cost, as well as the size and complexity of your unique enterprise.  Opting instead for a hybrid deployment can be an attractive option for enterprises that are not yet ready to fully migrate to the cloud.  


The benefits of a hybrid deployment can include scalability, flexibility, faster implementation process, and a smoother transition to increased mobility.  Additionally, hybrid deployments often work with what you already have, lessening the upfront investment that can come with an all-at-once approach. 


However, introducing split deployments can invite unintended risk to your enterprise. One of which is emergency preparedness. If your enterprise communications system is a hybrid model, or if you are anticipating a lengthy transition to the cloud, RedSky is here to make E911 easy.  


We never force enterprises to wait for E911 until after they’ve “ripped and replaced” their existing infrastructure.  RedSky meets you where you’re at, allowing your enterprise to migrate at your own pace and on your terms.  With one centralized portal, you can manage all your systems across multiple locations together in one place.  We integrate with your environment seamlessly, no matter if you’re fully on-premise, a hybrid environment, or fully cloud-based.  


RedSky’s technology “Finds, Routes, and Notifies” keeping your enterprise protected and compliant with all state and federal legislation.  Our technology also future-proofs your company, preparing you for the inevitable switch to a fully cloud-based environment.  


If you have more questions about E911 for your hybrid environment, please contact us here.