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New Release for E911 Manager®️ and E911 Anywhere®️

Today, we released the latest version of our flagship product E911 Manager®️, and our routing solution E911 Anywhere®️. This 6.11.3 release, provides security updates, resolves specified defects, as well as allows for integration with latest iOS and Android devices. We’ve improved functionality of these solutions in order to best serve our new and existing mobile customers, and address the issues reported by our current customers.  


If you are a current customer, in order to operate the latest version of MyE911® Mobile, you will be required to update your software to the 6.11.3 version of E911 Anywhere® and E911 Manager®. MyE911® Mobile offers dynamic location tracking for soft-phone users so they have E911 protection, inside and outside the enterprise. If your company is becoming increasingly mobile, learn more about our mobility bundle - keeping your workforce protected no matter where they travel. 


Mike Koepke, Director of Application Development, responded, “Our mission is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date E911 service. With this new release, we can offer new and existing customers a more seamless product that is easy to manage, able to integrate with their newest mobile devices, and keeps them covered wherever they go. We want to make E911 as easy as possible, and ensuring workability with our customers’ current technology is imperative.” 


New Features  


E911 Anywhere® 6.11.3 is required for operation with MyE911® Mobile for iOS and Android. 


E911 Manager® 6.11.3 is required for operation with MyE911® Mobile for iOS and Android.


If you are a current customer and have questions about what this release means for your current deployment, please reference the Customer Forum, or reach out to our support team at 1-866-778-2435 or email support@redskytech.com.


If you are a new customer, and have questions about how RedSky’s E911 solutions can work for your environment.  Please contact us at 312-432-4300 or email info@redskytech.com or sales@redskytech.com