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Orvis is E911 Compliant...Are You?

RedSky Provides E911 Solutions for Retail Leader Orvis in the Wake of New Legislation


New Legislation Leaves Retail Business Vulnerable

When Vermont enacted new E911 legislation, it left many retail businesses vulnerable to being out of compliance. America’s longest running fly fishing business, Orvis, was no exception. They needed to implement a dynamic E911 solution that would both protect their 1,700 employees across 90 locations throughout the US, and remain compliant with Vermont and Federally adopted 911 statutes. Their solution would need to cover 3,000 endpoints, a mix of both on-premise and cloud-based devices. They also needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their Cisco UCM environment, and Jabber clients alike. With legislation looming, Orvis wanted a solution which could be implemented efficiently and quickly. 


Technology Compliant with Legislation that Routes and Notifies From Anywhere 

Orvis selected us at RedSky as their E911 provider. We won out over competitors due to our ease of implementation with Orvis’ existing Cisco environment. Also, the ability to purchase our products through Cisco’s GPL further streamlined the process. We implemented E911 Anywhere®, MyE911®, and EON. These work together to Find, Route, and Notify in the case of any 911 call, whether from an office space, a retail location, or on the road between visiting stores. Because we are focused on providing cloud-based technology, Orvis can progress into the future confidently knowing their E911 solution will accommodate the trend toward fully IP environments. 


Compliant, Mobile, and Secure 

We quickly brought every retail, administration office, and distribution location into compliance, not only with Vermont legislation, but newly adopted federal legislation. This allowed Orvis to smoothly continue operations across the nation without the risk of being out of compliance. Additionally, we believe companies shouldn’t have to choose between mobility and protection. With E911 Anywhere®, all 9-1-1 calls coming from Orvis’ network are properly routed to the nearest PSAP. Now, Orvis’ employees can be sure that first responders will arrive promptly at the correct location, regardless of where the 911 call is placed. This not only secures all Orvis’ endpoints, but allows for increased mobility as their workforce no longer needs to remain tethered to traditional communication systems to ensure their protection. Orvis is now ready to grow into the future of both federally mandated E911 legislation, and increasingly cloud-based communications. 


RedSky is here to help you comply with new legislation.  If you are wondering where to begin, start by filling out our QuickStart Guide to E911.  We will build you a custom solution, and have you up and running in as little as 48 hours.  Contact us with any further questions you may have.