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Secure Mobility for Microsoft

Going mobile is becoming the mainstream, and for good reason.  Gitlab, a fully remote environment, is worth $2.75 billion.  Recode shared that Dell promises to have 50 percent of its workforce operating remotely by 2020.  Amazon, UnitedHealth, Salesforce, and countless others are taking advantage of the benefits working remote has to offer.  


In order to accommodate the growing need for a mobile workforce, many businesses are implementing collaborative communications systems such as Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.  Enabling your remote workers to remain connected has its undeniable benefits. However, maintaining security across an expanding enterprise proves to be much more complex than within traditional static environments. 


Due to new FCC legislation adopted in August, your company will have to consider specific E911 solutions for your communication systems - especially if you are migrating to a more mobile and cloud-based environment.  However, the path to compliance and mobility does not need to be a challenge. 


RedSky is here to help you facilitate a more mobilized workforce by seamlessly migrating to the cloud, while keeping your company secure and compliant.  We have been delivering E911 solutions to the enterprise for over twenty years, and we are compatible with your Microsoft environment.  


Our Horizon Mobility solution for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business allows your entire workforce to move anywhere on or off campus, while remaining locatable should they dial 9-1-1.  Additionally, we route all 911 calls to the proper Public Safety Answering Point, and notify security personnel of any 911 call in progress - regardless of where that 911 call is placed. This ensures your enterprise is compliant with current legislation, and remains future-proof against  virtually any E911 legislation to come.



RedSky FINDS, ROUTES, and NOTIFIES for your mobile Microsoft enterprise keeping you compliant and secure.  



Will you be attending Microsoft Ignite 2019?  Come to Booth 2529 and chat with our team about how we can make E911 easy for you.  Contact us here to secure a meeting.


Fill out Your QuickStart Guide to E911. We can begin building you a custom solution for your unique environment, and provide you with a quote ASAP.