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The Future Looks Bright

The Future Looks Bright

In the emergency response world, there has been disappointing news lately; the lack of accurate location data associated with cell calls, the lack of funding from state and local authorities to upgrade networks, and shift from land-lines to cellular and other communication methods which upends the whole financial model on which emergency response exists.

While these issues are challenging and will require new ways to address our emergency response infrastructure, these problems  will create opportunities for innovation and experimentation. In short: the future looks bright!

New technologies like SIP promise a future where devices, on demand, can transmit their location in real-time. Using the capabilities of our ‘smart’ devices, this information can give precise location data to emergency call takers, and in the not too distant future to responders in route. Even in a moving vehicle location data can be precise, accurate and available.

The growing development of private enterprise networks, with connections to the public emergency network, can alert local personnel to respond to emergencies until the local authorities can arrive, thus providing even quicker response. These private networks will use Wi-Fi Access to give even more precise location data to untethered devices. Home workers, mobile workers, even visitors will have an unprecedented capability to provide location data in the event of an emergency call.

Everything I have outlined above is available now on a limited level but will soon be widespread. We, as an industry, are at a crossroads. We have a tremendous opportunity to increase protection while reduce overhead for almost every company in the United States.

Every technology revolution is borne from distress. The change that is currently underway for our industry is no different than the great strides in energy, automotive, and medicine over the last decade. As always, we will find new and better ways to serve our customers and society at large.

By the way, have I told you how we are going to be using drones to assist emergency responders in the near future? No? Well, I guess that will have to wait...

Welcome to the 21st Century, it’s going to be great!

Until next time,
Anthony Maier
President, RedSky Technologies


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