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Three Myths About E911

As a company that focuses solely on E911, we have come across many misconceptions about what E911 is and how it can benefit your enterprise.  Many believe, true to name, that it is a simple “enhancement” to your already existing 9-1-1 functionality.  However, what most don’t realize is that basic 9-1-1 functionality in many enterprise spaces is severely limited, and sometimes completely absent.  

In multi-floor buildings, campuses, warehouses, and remote environments dialing 9-1-1 is not enough for a caller to be found in an emergency.  Oftentimes, 9-1-1 calls do not include enough information for first responders to adequately locate the caller should they be unable to speak or articulate their location.  At RedSky, we solve this problem for you by automatically sending vital location information to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point, so the caller can be found as efficiently as possible.  

Nobody would argue that accurately locating your workforce in emergency situations is a bad idea.  However, this runs counter to some of the general sentiments we’ve received around implementing E911 solutions.  So, we wanted to dispel some of the myths about E911 that are holding you back from implementing E911 as a necessary solution for your enterprise. 


  1. My Business is Exempt from Needing E911...is FALSE. 

Many businesses have operated under the idea that they are exempt from needing E911.  For years, enterprise spaces such as medical facilities, small businesses, and government agencies have not required the use of E911.  However, that has now changed.  The FCC recently adopted a Report and Order that requires ALL enterprise spaces to have an E911 solution in place that complies with the new regulations around Kari’s Law and the RAY BAUM’s Act.  No one is exempt, and compliance will soon be mandatory for any enterprise with a communication system.  Compliance does not have to be a challenge.  Implementing RedSky’s technology easily makes you compliant with all state and federal legislation. 


  1. I need to wait until my company fully upgrades our communication system before thinking about E911...is FALSE. 

It is not necessary to wait until you’ve fully migrated to the cloud to begin protecting your workforce.  Being in the midst of a system migration leaves many employees unnecessarily vulnerable.  However, this is not a problem if you have the proper solution in place.  RedSky seamlessly integrates with your hybrid communication system, providing your enterprise a smoother path to cloud communications. 


  1. E911 is too complicated for me to handle right now...is FALSE. 

RedSky makes E911 easy!  We automatically FIND the location of each 9-1-1 call, ROUTE the call to the nearest PSAP, and NOTIFY the proper security personnel of any 9-1-1 call in progress.  Our 24 hour support staff helps you through every step of implementation, and can have you up and running in as little as 48 hours.  We implement with Cisco, Skype for Business, Avaya, future integrations with Microsoft Teams, and other vendors.  To accommodate your unique environment, we offer multiple methods of purchasing.  You can purchase off Cisco’s GPL, or directly either by location or by user, and getting a quote is simple through our website.


No more procrastinating.  Contact us with any questions you may have about implementing E911 for your enterprise.  We want to know the obstacles we can tackle for you. We are here to help you make E911 easy.