Get compliant with new federal legislation mandating E911 coverage in as little as 48 hours
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Are all locations static?
How many phones do you have?
What is your PBX?
You may select multiple options.
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What is your PBX?
What is your PBX Model and Version?
What is your PBX System and Version?
Do you have Cisco Emergency Responder?
Is your Skype deployment on Prem, Hybrid/CCE, or fully cloud?
Do you use Microsoft Teams?
Do you have Direct Routing or Calling Plan?
Do you have AES?
Do you have Session Manager?
Do you have SIP phones that register to Session Manager?
How many hardphones do you have?
Do your hardphones move within the enterprise?
How many are IP Phones?
How many are Analog Phones?
How many buildings do you need to cover?
How many floors?
Approximately how large are your floors?
    sq ft
Do you have an open office floor plan?
Do you have buildings in multiple states?
If so, please list the states:
Do you have softphone users?
How many users?
Do they move outside of the enterprise?
What client are they running?
What is your softphone client version?
What is your softphone client version?
Do you use Microsoft Teams?
Remote Workers
Do you have remote workers?
Do they use softphones or hardphones?
How many remote workers?
Do you want to be notified of 9-1-1 calls?
Do you have an on-site Police Force or on-site security team?
Do they need 9-1-1 calls routed to them?
Do they need 9-1-1 notifications?
Do you have common area phones like conference rooms and lobby phones?
How Many?
Do you have a BYOD policy in place?
On average, how many 9-1-1 calls are placed per month?
Mobile Phones
Do you need to know when people dial 9-1-1 from a cellular device on campus?
Describe your environment
Do you need to cover multiple campuses/locations?

Great job! You took the first step in making your organization FCC compliant. You might want to familiarize yourself with the new FCC requirements by downloading our FCC regulation overview guide.

An easy way to think about the FCC regulations are the following.

  • For your hardphones, and of softphones, each one needs a dispatchable location.
  • And for every 911 call placed on network, a notification needs to be sent to administration and/or the on premise security team so they can be aware of an emergency call.

One of our representatives will be reaching out to you today to learn more about your environment and answer any questions you may have.