Guide to E911 Legislation,Compliance, and Risk Management

Guide to E911 Legislation, Compliance and Risk Management

Navigating E911 for your business can be tricky. So we put together this guide to help you become compliant, protect your workforce, and reduce risk/liability.

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E911 Legislation and Compliance Protecting Your Workforce Reducing E911 Risk

E911 Legislation

E911 Legislation

Twenty states currently have E911 legislation requiring enterprises to provide E911 protection. RedSky solutions can help you comply with these regulations quickly and cost effectively. Select a state below to review its E911 legislation and regulations.

E911 Compliance ExpertsRedSky and E911 Legislation Compliance

  • Questions about State E911 Legislation?
  • Are you trying to “future proof” your E911 environment?
  • Confused about how to deploy E911?

We’re here to help.
At RedSky we can walk you through the various compliance and legislation issues that affect your company’s voice environment. Furthermore, we can future proof your organization by customizing our products and services so they will be ready for future State E911 compliances. Why? Because at RedSky we’re with you, wherever you go®.


Let’s talk compliance and legislation for your E911 solutions.
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Protecting Your Workforce

Digital World and the Location Problem

One of the most basic protections you can provide your workforce is the availabiliy of 9-1-1 services to their location. But in most businesses today, their exact location can often be complicated. Different floors, different buildings on campus, different sections per floor. None of this information is relayed to the PSAP or emergency responders. The only information the PSAP sees is the address that was provisioned when telephone service was established. That address is almost never the same location as the call. While you wait for help to arrive, the PSAP could be sending first responders to your company’s billing address and not your actual location.

How RedSky Protects Your Workforce

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Mitigating E911 Risk and Liability

Our expertise in E911 comes from over 20 years in the industry in which we have helped organizations from the Fortune 500 to small and mid-size businesses. We have captured what we learned over the years and used our knowledge to build a one-of-a-kind E911 Risk Assessment tool to help organizations identify potential liabilities in their voice system so they can meet today’s challenges head on.

E911 Risk Assessment

Your Free E911 Risk Assessment:

  • Provides a comprehensive 6-page report
  • Helps identify and understand risk in 4 key areas
  • Provides suggested actions to mitigate your risk
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