Horizon Mobility® for Skype for Business

Horizon Mobility® for Hosted Skype for Business is the first product of its kind. A sophisticated e911 solution that allows service providers to offer the latest in mobile technology. Horizon Mobility® can track users as they move throughout the campus and off campus to ensure accurate location information in the event of an emergency. Horizon Mobility® is cloud-based and requires no on-premise infrastructure. Horizon Mobility® also supports non-mobile/static locations as well via ip or MAC address.

Horizon Mobility® for Skype for Business is compatible with all Skype-enabled Yealink, Poly, AudioCodes, and Creston devices

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1.MyE911® client performs network discovery (ND)

ND information sent to Horizon Mobility® cloud

  1.  If this is a known location, the user location is updated in the Horizon Mobility® cloud
  2. If user location is unknown, the user is prompted for location/address which in turn updates
3.When user dials 9-1-1, the call goes to the PBX
4.The PBX sends 911 call to Horizon Mobility® via SIP4. Horizon Mobility® links DID/user with stored location and routes the call to the nearest PSAP complete with user location

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