A Year in Review of the E911 Industry with RedSky

Dec 22, 2011

The E911 arena has been a busy one this year, and RedSky has been no sideliner to all of the exciting developments in the field. To gain more insight into how RedSky has made progress over the past year, and to see how it views the coming one, I sat down with the company’s senior vice president, Nick Maier, who shed some light on what has been most notable in terms of improvement for the E911 provider over the last few months.

The launching of RedSky’s E911 Manager Version 6 was a big deal for the company as it is the next generation of the company’s flagship product. Having been re-engineered using Java and Linux to “deliver unprecedented scalability, resiliency and capability for enterprise, government and education customers,” according to Maier, the enterprise-class E911 software solution has been enhanced for all users.

The company also received a patent on its core component of its end-to-end solution for Next-Generation 9-1-1 services, Maier mentioned. “As the industry moves to standards-based IP emergency services networks, we believe our RedSky Horizon(SM) Location Information Server will play an important role in helping these new networks handle 9-1-1 calls from virtually any device,” he said.

RedSky’s E911 Anywhere solution continues to attract customers, and its cloud-based nature makes it a hot topic in the modern E911 world. Appealing to small and large businesses, the E911 Anywhere solution “provides a low cost, pay-as-you-go option that meets all state regulations and provides employees with the E911 protection they deserve,” as well as enabling organizations to link E911 Anywhere “with their call servers and on-premise E911 software to handle nationwide 9-1-1 call routing and real-time location updates,” according to Maier.

As the company looks ahead to 2012, it looks forward to continuing to move more E911 capabilities into the cloud while also reducing customer implementation costs, and providing flexible support needed by mobile users.

“Tracking the location of today's increasingly mobile enterprise employees will continue to be a challenge. For all the benefits delivered by mobile clients such as smartphones and other wireless devices, they also carry a risk unless companies actively manage their E911 support. This is also the case as more employees use their smartphones within the enterprise,” said Maier.

It sounds like RedSky is on top of its game! Stay tuned to the E911 channel for continued updates from the E911 market as we move to the new year.

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