RedSky Introduces Next Generation of E911 Manager®

Oct 05, 2011

Version 6 Leverages Java/Linux to Protect Workers and Students Connected to Virtual Computing Environments, SIP and Unified Communications Networks

Chicago -- RedSky Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of automated E911 solutions, today announced the launch of E911 Manager® Version 6, the next generation of its enterprise-class E911 software that helps organizations capture, manage and deliver the detailed location information necessary to provide effective 9-1-1 emergency response. Version 6 has been re-engineered using Java and Linux to deliver unprecedented scalability, resiliency and capability to enterprise, government and education customers deploying virtual computing environments, SIP and Unified Communications networks.

E911 Manager® integrates with major call servers/PBXs to track phone location movement and monitor for 9-1-1 calls. E911 Manager® automatically updates phone locations in both regional ALI databases and its cloud-based E911 Anywhere® to deliver accurate location information to emergency responders.

“While the need to provide E911 protection to workers and students remains constant, communications technology continues to evolve at a dramatic pace,” says Nick Maier, senior vice president, RedSky. “That’s what drives RedSky to continually innovate and improve E911 Manager® so it remains the best-in-class choice for enterprise E911 software.”

E911 Manager® Version 6 runs in a virtual environment or on a dedicated server and is highly scalable and resilient. A single instance of Version 6 can support up to 50 call servers/PBXs and up to 100,000 endpoints. Add-on modules extend the application to deliver notifications of 9-1-1 calls in progress and provide location tracking for WiFi and softphones. E911 Manager® works seamlessly with all the major platform providers including Avaya, Cisco and Siemens and supports SIP endpoints and voice platforms. In Next-Generation 9-1-1 networks, Version 6 can be deployed as a Location Information Server (LIS) using the NENA i3 standard.

For more information on E911 Manager® Version 6, please contact RedSky at 877-REDSKY-1 (877-733-7591) or by email at

About RedSky
RedSky is the leading provider of automated E911 solutions with more customers, more technology, and more experience than any other provider. More than a million workers, students, guests and visitors rely on RedSky for E911 protection. RedSky delivers a full suite of on-premise and cloud-based software solutions and services for virtually any telephony platform to help organizations of all types capture, manage and deliver the detailed location information necessary to provide effective 9-1-1 emergency response, comply with state E911 regulations and meet business requirements for safety, risk management and efficiency. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, RedSky has partnerships with other leaders in the telecommunications and 911 industries to help shape 9-1-1 policy, leverage emerging technology, and comply with evolving regulatory requirements. For more information, visit

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