RedSky Issued New Patent for Next Generation 9-1-1 Networks

Jun 20, 2013

New Patent Builds on Patented E-LIS Technology for Next-Generation 911 Networks

Orlando – RedSky Technologies, Inc., the leader in E911 solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has issued patent number 8,442,842, which expands on RedSky’s Emergency Location Information Service (E-LIS) product patents. RedSky’s E-LIS encompasses the architecture, process and system elements for receiving, storing and delivering the location data of any device on any network when the device dials 9-1-1.

This new patent specifically details a method whereby the E-LIS determines the location of a wireless device in an enterprise network and uses that location to route the 9-1-1 call through the enterprise voice network, not the wireless cellular network.

“This latest RedSky patent describes our method and system for determining the location of mobile devices on enterprise wireless networks in emergency situations,” says Jerry Eisner, ENP, group director of Public Safety, RedSky. “More and more enterprises are dealing with “Bring Your Own Device” issues on their enterprise wireless network and this patent validates our belief that RedSky’s E-LIS will be a necessary component in next generation enterprise emergency networks.”

This patent addresses the proliferation of wireless devices on the enterprise network that use the enterprise WiFi network while they are inside buildings or on the enterprise campus. The E-LIS can track the location of these devices on the WiFi network and provide location information to the voice platform if an emergency 9-1-1 call is made. The RedSky E-LIS is consistent with and compatible to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) ‘i3’ standard, the blueprint for next generation emergency services networks for public safety.

“This new patent demonstrates our leadership and commitment to providing solutions for our enterprise customers as they implement Unified Communication and wireless networks, says Tony Maier, chief executive officer, RedSky. “RedSky is committed to providing a standards-based approach to Next Generation Emergency Networks that will deliver lower costs and much better situational awareness for emergency service providers.”

For more information on RedSky’s Location Information Server (E-LIS) and our entire suite of Next Generation Network components, please contact Jerry Eisner, Group Director of Public Safety at RedSky at (312) 432-5937 or by email at

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