RedSky Technologies Issued Patent for Lower Cost Approach to Next Generation 9-1-1 Networks

Jul 23, 2013

Covers Time and Cost Efficiencies for Legacy PSAPs to Attach to ESInets and Gain Access to Receipt of Embedded Physical Location Data; Expands RedSky’s Portfolio of Next-Generation 9-1-1 Network Components

CHICAGO -- RedSky Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of automated E9-1-1 solutions, announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has issued patent number 8,442,481, expanding the RedSky portfolio of products for Next Generation 9-1-1 Networks.

The patent covers the RedSky Horizon® Legacy PSAP Gateway (LPG) which allows Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to communicate with Next Generation Emergency Services IP networks (ESInets) without a costly replacement of their call handling equipment. This enables an accelerated migration approach to deploying the ESInet, bringing the benefits of the Next Generation 9-1-1 network sooner.

The Legacy PSAP Gateway (LPG) gives CAMA based Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) the ability to receive NENA i3 NG9-1-1 compliant [i.e., Session Initiation Protocol (SIP-based) and/or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)] emergency calls. The RedSky Horizon® LPG provides two key functions: converting an inbound SIP 9-1-1 call that includes the location data into CAMA for voice and a NENA standard ALI record for use by existing PSAP CPE; converting an outbound analog 9-1-1 call into the NENA i3 SIP format for transmission across the ESInet.

“As we transition to NG9-1-1 networks, we must always keep in mind the large population of legacy PSAP equipment in the field today.” says Jerry Eisner, ENP and RedSky’s Group Director of Public Safety. “This new RedSky Horizon® component will make it easier for legacy PSAPs to attach to ESInets, reducing the overall transition costs to NG9-1-1 and help ensure critical information is efficiently received by emergency responders.”

The LPG is consistent and compatible with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) ‘i3’ standard, the blueprint for next generation emergency services networks for public safety.

“This new product patent demonstrates our vision that NG9-1-1 networks can be deployed today and interface with the existing installed base of PSAP equipment.” says Tony Maier, RedSky’s Chief Executive Officer. “RedSky is committed to providing a reliable, standards-based approach to Next Generation Emergency Networks that will deliver lower costs and increased flexibility for emergency service providers.”

RedSky Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of on-premise and cloud-based E9-1-1 solutions for enterprises, government agencies and educational entities. The RedSky Horizon® product group focuses on NG9-1-1 solutions leveraging the new National Emergency Number Association (NENA) i3 standards for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). For more information on the RedSky Horizon® Next Generation 9-1-1 product line, visit


Jerry Eisner, Group Director of Public Safety RedSky Technologies, Inc.

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