Rising to the Challenge: RedSky Provides County-wide e911 Services

Dec 08, 2011

It stands to reason that the more people in one concentrated area, the more is required of that area’s emergency response teams. The more risk there is for fire, accidents, crime, the more complex and efficient that emergency response system has to be. So discovered the officials of Fairfax County, Virginia, when they called upon RedSky to provide an e911 system that would ensure the effective communication of the county’s emergency response teams.

RedSky provides E911 services for many cities and counties, and was called upon by the leaders of Fairfax County who became aware of the upgrades needed in their emergency response system. As described in a recent case study, the county had little technology in the way of processing emergency resolutions: “Prior to 2007, Fairfax County had no county-wide voice network. 70 percent of the County’s 13,000 workers were located on one of two campuses, yet very little networking infrastructure connected the two. In 2005, the County put out an RFP to replace their outdated, stand-alone assemblage of 138 PBXs and Key systems.”

RedSky’s E911 technology was brought into play as the Fairfax County’s Technology Infrastructure Division saw the opportunity to implement an E911 solution.

RedSky’s E911 Manager applied all the desired capabilities to Fairfax’s infrastructure encompassing 16,000 endpoints in about 107 locations. Jerome Craig, senior telecom engineer for Fairfax County stated, “For many years the citizens of Fairfax County have had 9-1-1 services at home that provided location-based information in an emergency. RedSky’s E911 Manager has been an invaluable tool for providing accurate emergency location information for 9-1-1 calls placed by County employees working in County buildings.”

By ensuring centralized management of E911 processes across the county’s network, RedSky’s E911 Manager automatically reads location update information and processes accordingly so administrators can handle emergency responses without having to negotiate backend operations.

Fairfax County has discovered a significant savings in employee labor, time, and cost by implementing RedSky’s acclaimed E911 solution.

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