The Trends in E911 for the Enterprise

Aug 20, 2012

Next-generation communications technology is developing at lightning speed; it is difficult for consumers to keep up, let alone businesses. The developments in E911 have been changing the scene for the enterprise, and in a recent podcast with Nick Maier, SVP of RedSky Technologies, he surmised the most relevant trends that enterprises need to consider to adequately stay on top of how the E911 world is changing.

The trend that is changing, not just E911, but most of communications technology, is the migration to the cloud. “E911 has traditionally been a software application that’s installed inside the enterprise, and an E911 application communicates with your call server or your PBX to track the location of users that are on the enterprise phone system… The cloud has really fundamentally changed the way that E911 can be handled,” said Maier.

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