Understanding E911 Compliance and Risk

Jan 19, 2012

E911 risk is not usually the first market that comes to mind when those of us in the technology world think about the most developing and visible enterprise networks, but it should be.

As an industry that finds itself normally reaching the covers of local magazines, newspapers, and discussed at local town hall meetings, E911 is now an evolving enterprise network that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. The growth of E911 affects the average person in a way he or she is rarely aware of, and the enterprise is quickly becoming an integrated aspect of global E911 network proliferation.

Determining E911 risk is a concept with which many business leaders are unfamiliar. The introduction of any new network capability can render a business shaky in terms of implementation and operation, and with E911 especially, supervisors must be prepared to understand how the network changes the business’ E911 risk profile.

One way to make oneself familiar with the best ways to go about developing an E911 strategy for your organization is to get all the facts. A webinar scheduled for Jan. 26 might be your best bet in this regard.

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