The Challenge Lack of Accurate Emergency Location Data

When the seventh largest commercial airline in the US realized they were providing inaccurate locations during emergencies, they began seeking an E911 solution.  Having bases across multiple states, they required a solution that would comply with all state legislation. What they didn’t want was an overly complication solution as most of their airport terminal desks are largely stationary. 

The Solution Easy Coverage with Mix of E911 Anywhere® and E911 Manager®

RedSky met the airline where they were in terms of the solution they needed.  They didn’t need something over budget that included unnecessary functions for their enterprise. RedSky offered their E911 Anywhere® in addition to only a few E911 Manager® to fit the simple needs the airline requested.  Both the airline and their security provider were pleased with the way in which RedSky was able to deliver an E911 solution for the customer without overselling or overcomplicating the process.

The Outcome Findable Anywhere  

Now, the airline can offer security to their employees and the thousands of passengers waiting at their gates knowing that emergency services will find them no matter the airport they call from or where they may be nationwide.  Their workforce will be routed to the correct PSAP wherever their 9-1-1 calls are placed, and the emergency will be accurately located. Rather than focusing on getting help to them, the airline can focus on getting customers where they need to go. That is how we make E911 easy.



Product Used
E911 Anywhere

Routing calls to the appropriate PSAP regardless of device or network complexity is essential. Learn about how we’ll route your 9-1-1 calls.

Product Used
E911 Manager

Whether on network phones, remote VOIP or mobile devices, knowing the location of 9-1-1 callers on your network or campus is our first job.