The Challenge Overworked and Out of Compliance

In January 2017, Florida revised their State E911 Plan, leaving many cities vulnerable to being outside the bounds of the newly instituted legislation.  One of these cities, located in southern Florida with a population of nearly 171,000 people, needed to quickly find an E911 solution that covered their needs and operated within their budget.  Pushing pause on their fire and police departments, utility service centers, parks, and city hall operations was out of the question. They needed a solution to be seamlessly implemented that would allow their city to continue running smoothly.  In addition to compliance and implementation, the city sought to reduce countless hours of labor and taxpayer resources that were previously spent on managing emergency location data. They were out of compliance, and wasting their city’s resources.  They needed a better approach to safety. 

The Solution Routing that Works For Their State, Their City, Their Mission

RedSky listened to this government’s specific needs.  We worked with both the city and their solution provider to find a unique solution that covered their operations under Florida’s new legislation.  RedSky’s E911 Anywhere® solution covered all points of exposure, and it is IVT-certified to integrate with the Cisco Unified Communication Manager call server that works in conjunction with Cisco Emergency Responder that served this city. RedSky was aware of the time sensitive nature of this deal, and E911 Anywhere® was implemented in less than thirty days of sale. This immediately covered their need for compliance, and provided them with routing to the proper PSAP regardless of what building a government employee might place an emergency call. In addition to the security of ensured routing, all location updates are centralized within RedSky’s E911 Anywhere® platform making time consuming managing of individual locations a thing of the past.  

The Outcome A City Routed and Ready to Grow

With E911 Anywhere®, this city’s government now operates within the bounds of their state’s legislation, as well as providing their workforce with reliable call routing in the face of emergencies.  Their labor and tax dollars are now spent reinvested back into their community, rather than wasted on time consuming administrative work.  They have been so pleased with RedSky that they are asking for an annual renewal, as well as expanding the coverage they currently possess.  With E911 Anywhere®, this city was able to focus on what mattered to them - effectively running and expanding their community. That is how we make E911 easy.


Product Used
E911 Anywhere

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