Illinois E911 Legislation

Summary of Illinois & Chicago E911 Regulations

Requirements vary based on residential vs. business and square footage. Private residential switch service providers must identify the telephone number, extension number, and the physical location of a 911 caller to the PSAP. Private business switch service providers must provide ANI and ALI data for each 911 call. Also, they must not require the dialing of an additional prefix (Kari's Law, systems installed after July 1, 2015). Generally, a distinct location needs to be provided per 40,000 ft2 or each entity sharing a building. (Full Legislation PDF also includes City of Chicago E911 legislation requirements). 50 ILCS 750/15/5 et seq.

Kari's Law: ECS operators must not require the dialing of any additional digits to access 911, effective after July 2015.

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