Horizon Mobility® for Hosted Cloud Platforms

How it works

RedSky Horizon Mobility® is a commercial implementation of the NENA i3 Next Generation 9-1-1 architecture. The solution is feature-rich, providing 9-1-1 call alert notifications, softphone applications, and dynamic national 9-1-1 call routing.

Is your platform able to determine user location on campus? Are you able to send that information via SIP?

Great. We can take it from there. The Horizon Mobility® Cloud receives the call and the user location via SIP and intelligently routes the call to the appropriate PSAP. Simultaneously Horizon Mobility® notifies security personnel via Text, Email, or Desktop Notification. If your platform is unable to determine location on campus or off campus, our softphone client MyE911® will find user location and communicate that information to the Horizon Mobility® Cloud.


MyE911 client performs network discovery (ND)-

  1. ND Information is sent to Horizon Mobility® Cloud
  2. b. If this is a known location, User location set in Horizon Mobility® cloud
  3. If user location is unknown, User prompted for location/address and sent to Mobility cloud
1b.End user device or PBX performs location discovery.


2.User dials 9-1-1
3.PBX sends 911 call and location information to Horizon Mobility® via SIP. SIP invite contains network discovery information (IP, MAC, BSSID, Chassis and Port) in custom tag
4.Horizon Mobility® receives the 911 call and intelligently determines the most accurate location whether provided by MyE911® or PBX, and routes the 911 call to the appropriate PSAP along with user location


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